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There is a saying in Chinese Health Philosophy that says, "A well used gate never gets rusty hinges." 

One of the goals of both acupuncture and Chinese medicine is to free the flow of chi (energy) and blood so that the body moves well, and functions at it's best.  Ideally Chinese Medicine seeks to restore healthy function and prevent disease from occurring.  By identifying the underlying cause of symptoms, we can correct the origin of imbalance, pain and disease. In order to figure out the underlying cause, both ancient diagnostic methods and modern advanced lab testing are used. In order to fix a problem, we need to know what it is. 

In our modern fast paced lifestyles, people are so busy with work, connected to technology, computers and gadgets that as a society we have become overly plugged in to the unnatural world and lose sight of healthy balance. We are under stress from our modern culture and this can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and immune dysfunction.


We need to understand what is going on, get the support we need to modify our lifestyle, find supportive foods and nourishing supplements and herbs for our body's to function with radiant health. 

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