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Robert Radcliffe

The Radcliffe Group, Luxury Real Estate, Brentwood-Malibu-Pacific Palisades-Santa Monica

The reason I’m doing it, is because I feel so passionate and grateful about the service that I received from Dr. Mike. In fact, I wouldn’t even refer to it as service, I refer to it as a miracle work.


I have been dealing with respiratory issues after having pneumonia. I came into see Dr. Mike after my wife strongly referred him to me because she knew that I was getting so frustrated and desperate to get healthy. After a few visits to my general Western practitioner, who also happens to be a good doctor, however she was unable to figure out what the problem was with my continued short of breath and massive chest pain. 


The very same day that I saw Dr. Mike for the first time, I also saw my Western general practitioner earlier in the day. She had an x-ray done and full exam, without any conclusion as to what the issue was with my pain and short of breath. All I knew, something was definitely still wrong and getting worse. Later that day I had an appoint with Dr. Mike. And while I was still in pain, he was able to work on me and treat me with his Chinese herbs. 


Without going into all the details, within a couple of days .... the pain was completely gone and I was back to normal breathing capacity. I was shocked on how quickly my health came back. I have never witnessed anything like it. I have obviously been sick before, not as bad as the pneumonia, but bad flu’s or colds and have taken antibiotics and other things, yet never had my health restored so quickly.  Once Dr. Mike did his magic on me, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Full of excitement to have my health back and to be out of pain. 


And on a sidenote, although the results were most important, Dr. Mike had incredible bedside manner by following up with me with a phone call in the evening and text messages throughout the days after the appointment checking in on me.


Bottom line: I am a raving fan! I am also contemplating no longer referring to Dr. Mike as Dr. Mike. To me, he might only be referred to as The Miracle Worker!


I plan to continue seeing him frequently and endorsing him constantly. I encourage you to do the same.


- from a highly critical business owner, 


Robert Radcliffe


Romy Karz Rapoport

Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, Prenatal Yoga and Massage, and Lactation Specialist- Malibu, California

15 years ago, I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief, because I found MICHAEL MAGUIRE, (Dr. Mike.) Throughout my life I knew health needed to be approached holistically, but when I became a new parent, in a new town, I needed support in living that lifestyle. From my first appointment with Michael, I found someone who offered all I could ever ask for. Michael opened up a whole new way of looking at health for me and my family. Not only did his knowledge blow me away, but his modalities work! Over the years, no matter what the reason for visiting, whether an acute episode, chronic ache or tune up for health, his sessions left me feeling better than when I walked in, completely heard, supported and inspired.


Michael has such a wide base of knowledge that he can work through any issue in many ways. What has been invaluable to me is that whether I was breastfeeding, (my son was too young to swallow pills,) or I had a very special diet to adhere too, Michael has always been able to work with us. This is why I don't hesitate to use Michael as my first choice for any issue and why it is with 100% confidence I can recommend him to ANYONE, and I do!


His sessions are healing in every way. His attitude, demeanor and personality put me at immediate ease as he is 100% focused on the healing process and prioritizes true health in working with each individual on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

I completely credit Michael for getting my now 21 yr old son through his entire life without having ever taken antibiotics as he has been with us through colds, flu, fevers, and even chicken pox. Michael is so wonderful, to this day, my son, out of state at college will send him a picture of his tongue, take his advice for any herbs, tonics, remedies, stretches or exercises without hesitation knowing whatever Dr. Mike says, works! What a relief as a Parent to have this kind of trust and support!

In my work with new families, it is with such confidence that I can recommend Dr Mike, knowing first hand all that he has helped my family through. He is an invaluable member of our community, having everyone's best interest at heart and making our immune systems and lives healthier in every way. 

It is hard enough to be ill, but knowing I have Dr. Mike in my corner makes it a lot more bearable. He has stayed with me every step of the way, going above and beyond to be available and in contact.

Our Family is forever grateful for Dr. Mike!!!

La Leche League of Malibu.

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Jo-e Sutton

Holistic Health Counselor - Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Michael Maguire is a true healer and practitioner that lives a holistic life of healing and wellness on all levels in his own world. As a holistic health counselor myself, I am picky about who I allow to treat me. He is the real deal. He has helped me in the area of pain, allergies, hormones, anxiety, intestinal health and diet.


He practices from a place of experience as he treats with his whole heart and looks to treat my"whole" self, and not just symptomatic relief. I am always amazed that he is up to date on the most current knowledge in acupuncture, herbs, lab testing and technology, orthopedic care and whatever else I need at the highest level. I am so grateful that I have the privilege of knowing Michael. Even our cat Bodhi has had acupuncture with Michael for her hip pain. I love him!!!   

Petra Gordon

​ Topanga, California

I had chronic wet and dry eczema for 20 years when I came to see Dr. Mike. Mostly the rashes were lingering in different areas not too bad but always present and periodically I suffered from bad outbreaks all over my body externally and internally with a very strong histamine reaction to almost everything including food. Although I always tried to find a holistic solution I had to take steroids in the end to stop the reaction.

This last outbreak took me to Dr. Mike. Immediately the fierce reaction calmed and in less than a month all rashes disappeared.


Dr. Mike’s approach is holistic and scientific. He has the great gift to listen and understand. He truly cares and has the capacity to find the cure. It’s like magic!

Cricket Wheeler

Grateful Patient

My family and I rely on Michael Maguire for everything from pain to prevention to cure, even the dog takes one of Michael’s custom herbal formulas! 


He’s been treating us for more than 20 years and he always makes me feel at ease with his calm, attentive manner. I am 100% confident in Michael’s extensive knowledge of what is available to us and what is the best option, whether it’s a treatment or an herb.

Mikke Pierson​

​ Malibu, California

Dr. Mike has made a huge, positive difference in my health over the years in many ways. Years ago I was skeptical of acupuncture, but he stabilized and eased the pain in my chronically bad neck. I used to get terrible jet lag from long flights, but his herbal remedies made me significantly better than anyone else I was traveling with. I needed to lose some weight and his program worked amazing well and I feel so much healthier. I had trouble drinking even small amounts of alcohol (even though I never drank much), but he helped me with a cleanse that allowed me to drink socially (even though no one else on the Internet or anywhere figured it out).


And most amazingly, I was in a serious accident a few years ago that I was lucky to survive. With his help I was able to leave the hospital much sooner than the doctors thought I could. His help during the recovery allowed me to regain my health and resume surfing and bike riding when some specialists said that might never happen.


Dr. Mike has my highest recommendation and thanks for my amazing life.

Ryan Dorn

Malibu, California

After numerous attempts that garnered less than favorable results, Dr. Maguire is the one that successfully treated me for weight loss and overall improvement to my health. His awareness of Chinese Medicine is peerless, as is his deft hand during Acupuncture. I went from 290 lbs. to 235 lbs. in 6 months and have stayed at this, my target weight, for more than 7 years. He’s treated my family over the years as well, everything from colds, flu and related symptoms to specific protocols for our son who has Autism. He’s a gifted healer who’s talents I fully recommend to anyone.

Michelle “Mia” Araujo

​ Los Angeles, California

I am a 22-year-old full-time artist with a tight schedule, working 12-15 hour days, 7

days a week. I came into Michael’s office thinking I had carpal tunnel in my painting

hand, as well as constant muscle pain from my shoulder to my fingertips. My

paintings involve intricate details, so you can imagine the discomfort in feeling

constant pain at all hours of the day for months.


I finally went looking for an acupuncturist, hoping to ease the muscular pain and to

at least get me through the last month until my deadline. I called 5 different offices

in my area, and Michael was the only professional who not only didn’t sound like a

receptionist, but actually took the time to ask me further questions about my

situation, talk me through his plans for treatment (like a mini-consultation!), and

even ask my name.

Michael is a doctor who truly cares about his patients as individuals. He could have

easily treated my pain with acupuncture, but he also introduced me to what he calls

“life-style modification,” which is like preventive medicine using strength-building

exercises, herbal medicine, and essential oil therapy. Clearly, my long-term health

and mental/physical balance is just as important to him.

Before my treatment began, I was in constant pain. In less than a month and without

altering the intensity of my work schedule, I have almost zero pain. It is truly


Carolyn McLuskie

​Malibu, California

My neck had been very stiff – noticeably stiff – for almost 2 weeks. I could not turn

my head to the left to check over my shoulder in traffic without feeling the tightness

in my neck. The stiffness severely reduced my ability to rotate my neck.

Michael J. Maguire, L.Ac. used the occipital left technique on me for a few minutes – only a few minutes! The stiffness was gone completely, plus, I can rotate my neck

with no stiffness and no loss of range and motion.


Pretty effective stuff!

Carter Larsen

American classical pianist and composer- Stresa, Italy

Michael has been my most important doctor for the last 15 years. I consider the health he has given me and his patients to be invaluable not only for prolonging their own lives but also their long-term happiness and vitality which more importantly contributes to the world.

Gwen Ridway

Dental Hygienist, Ventura, CA

I first came to Dr. Maguire several years ago with multiple issues that my doctor's did not have answers for. I was dealing with autoimmune problems, allergies, lung and stomach problems, insomnia and aches that were interfering with my ability to work.  

He has been very patient guiding me through new ways of approaching my issues. He is not anti traditional medicine but has instead worked with me to combine the two approaches and get me to a much healthier spot.  

We are now taking on my cholesterol levels.I have drastically reduced my medications, am working a heavier schedule and did not miss a day due to illness last year.  I sleep better and am enjoying my spare time more. I am astounded to find myself (at 65) getting stronger and healthier as I age and give Dr. Maguire my highest recommendation.

Melanie Flamminio

​ Malibu, California

For the past two years, since seeing Michael Maguire, L.Ac, my cholesterol, that previously was moderately high, has been greatly improved. My HDL level (good cholesterol) has doubled and my LDL levels (bad cholesterol) have also improved. Now my risk factor is 2.5, which is very good considering that normal cardiovascular risk factor for women my age is 4.25. All of this was accomplished while taking EPAQ, Pollilipid, and Flax seed oil, recommended by Dr. Michael.

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